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One of the biggest issues with repainting any surface is effectively getting rid of failing previous coatings. In order to strip off old delamenating paint, many companies offer to pressure wash or "waterblast" as part of their process. However, that's not good enough. What's needed is Strip Blasting so that all the old delamenating paint that's no longer adhered to the wall can be stripped off.

Water Strip Blasting is like sand blasting without the sand.

This method is messy and labor intensive, but necessary to properly prep the surface of your walls. After strip blasting, we skim coat the surface of your wall with new stucco, so everything looks uniform and new and then we paint over that. To my knowledge, Paint Masters is the only painting company in the South Bay area that provides this service because it is so messy, labor intensive, and requires stucco work. Most other painting companies don't want to add that expense to their estimate. However, Paint Masters wants to do the job right, so removing the failed previous coating is necessary.

As a Comparison...

With sandblasting, the average house will run about $3,000 to $6,000 dollars to sand blast, plus another $4,000 to $12,000 to restucco the house. But with our approach, using water Strip Blasting, we can achieve similar results for less money. Our process includes strip blasting, stucco skim coating to repair damaged wall areas, and then fresh paint.

Man Removing Old Color with Pressure Gun